Dolores Sanchez Calvo’s work explores notions of anomie, ontological crises and the dislocation of the emotional from the physical and intellectual dimensions of selfhood. Her work seeks to challenge the often sanitised and anodyne aesthetic of trauma, grief and mourning and to imbue the figures both with dignity and empathy.

The depiction of individuals deliberately removed from an identifiable context seeks to confront the viewer with a series of parsed images – often individuals in extremis - onto which their own anxieties and fears might be projected and finally acknowledged as universal truths of the human condition. The figures captured in the images suggest a narrative that on initial viewing appears raw and disturbing, but which after deeper engagement lend themselves to other, contradictory interpretations. Sanchez Calvo’s work challenges us to move beyond the increasing tendency to self-present the positivity of our lives and the rapidly-shrinking space in which the whole gamut of our emotional relationships with ourselves and others may be laid bare.

Dolores Sanchez Calvo was born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. An initial education in linguistics at the University of Santiago led to the development of an anatomical sensibility towards communication. Following this the artist moved to Holland to study multimedia and photography, after which followed a residency in New York. Since relocating to London in 1998, the artist has frequently exhibited internationally and in the UK at Creekside Open 2011, selected by Phyllida Barlow, Premios Focus-Abengoa, Seville (2010) and at Quatrox Quatro, Vernice Art Fair, Forli Italy (2008). In the UK she featured as a finalist in the National Portrait Gallery’s 2007 Photographic Portrait competition and as a winner of the Westminster Arts Photographic Award (2008). Collectors now include Brompton Hospital, Westminster Arts, Vernice Art Fair and private collectors in the UK, Spain and Holland.